Secret Screening #3

The third secret screening of the festival was Black Medusa. I really wasn’t sure what I was in for as it started. In the festival discord I saw a description of Promising Young Tunisian Woman, which intrigued because I have only heard positive things about Promising Young Woman even thought I’ve not had a chance to see it yet. It was written and directed by Youssef Chebbi and Ishmaël.

The description that I used previously is a fitting description but another description I saw from the festival discord was a female centric Maniac. It is anchored by performances by Nour Hajri and Rym Hayouni. Nour Hajri as Nada is a tour de force as the driving force of the entire movie. Rym Hayouni as Noura is understated and somewhat heartbreaking.

The sound design is amazing and an important part of the movie. It give the world life throughout the movie. It made the club scenes lively and the scenes out and about feel like a lived in world. The camera work is phenomenal.

If you have a chance to catch this I would say do it. You won’t be disappointed unless you don’t like subtitles or black and white movies, but if you don’t I’d say to give it a chance.

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