Schoolhouse Rocks CFF Student Filmmakers Short Block

The Schoolhouse Rocks short block was outstanding. It was sponsored by EPB Fiber Optics this year. The block is made up of student filmmakers from all over the world. The block was Loyalty, Ruby Days, Erebus, Fading Dream, The Punishment, Between the Headphones, Pine Mountain Overnight, Exit, The Nation, and Where No One Will Find Her.

Loyalty is interesting but the story quickly comes clear. The more time you spend with Cain the quicker you realize that he isn’t what he seems. I won’t go any further than to say that he is incredibly toxic.

Erebus was beautiful and striking. I can’t really say what exactly was going on but that’s mainly because I didn’t really know what was going on. That being said it should be viewed by everyone so that more people can talk about what they think it means. I’m going to say that if these filmmakers keep at it they’ll make cinema that will make waves. I hope they do continue on their paths in filmmaking


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