Mister Limbo (CFF)

I saw a recommendation for this if you liked Scenes from an Empty Church in the festival discord and since I enjoyed that movie I immediately decided to add this to my watch list. I did enjoy the movie so it was an apt recommendation. It was written by Robert G. Putka.

The movie is anchored by the performances of Hugo de Sousa and Vig Norris. Hugo de Sousa plays the titular character and he has an air of vulnerability and underlying rage. Vig Norris as Craig is hilarious for multiple reasons including his Printh shirt and his rain boots. He also made me think of The 4400, which was a show from the mid-2000s that I never watched and hadn’t thought of in well over a decade but might give a shot now.

It asks a lot of philosophical questions and leaves it up to the audience to answer them. The ending even leaves it up to the audience to decide what happens to Mister Limbo.

Give this movie a watch if you want to watch a movie that asks heavy philosophical questions, asks you to remember a show from the mid-2000s, and is just a fun watch.


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