We’re All Going to the World’s Fair (CFF)

I was not prepared for this movie. At first I thought of Knoxville, being from Tennessee and all, but it once I saw the poster for it I knew it had nothing to do with that. I try to avoid spoilers throughout but I will reveal a little.

It seems to have a connection to a web series or at least a scene from it is shown so I’m not sure if there’s a deeper connection or not. Jane Schoebrun wrote and directed this and I full expect to see her direct more movies after seeing this movie. Anna Cobb starts as Casey and with this being her theatrical debut and how she plays Casey she will have a hell of a career, especially putting in such a performance at 17. Michael J Rogers as JLB is unsettling. I spent the movie wondering why he looked so familiar to me and it was because he was the antagonist in Beyond the Black Rainbow, which probably helped him be unsettling for me.

The plot of We’re All Going to the World’s Fair centers on an internet challenge. That’s really all I can really say without breaking my no major spoilers decree from the beginning but it very much seems like something that would take off on the internet.

I’m not sure of when the movie is coming out physically or on VoD or even streaming but I would say that you should check it out when you’re able to. You’ll want to be able to talk about it with people too.

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