Tennessee Trio Short Block (CFF)

I watched the Tennessee Trio short block that was presented by the Tennessee Entertainment Commission. There were three shorts that were filmed in Tennessee and there was a forth that was made by Chatt State’s Summer Filmmaking Camp.

Dear Hannah was the first short. It was really good. It told the story of an artist needing a muse and finding one at random and I’ll leave it at that because that’s where the synopsis leaves you. I will say it works as a PSA against reading in the bathtub.

The Gift was the next short and I honestly didn’t see the ending coming. It makes you think you’re watching a slasher but without giving anything too much away you aren’t.

Galieo was the third and it is amazing. If you have to choose any of the first three to see I would say see this one. It will tug at your heart strings and make your eyes well up because I know it did for me. It follows a man from birth to his adulthood with him finding his own way. That’s all I feel safe saying without spoiling it for everyone.

Hero’s Journey was the last one and it was really entertaining and it was an interesting watch. It was kind of lovably bizarre. The people behind this will go one to make more films and hopefully with keep the weird sense of style.


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