Dangerous Visions – CFF 2021 Mind Expanding Shorts

All 8 of these shorts are something else. They go from mindbendy to trippy and back and forth and beyond. The shorts are Dunning Kruger, Odyssey, Body of the Mined, Lose It, Denervation, Deep Learning, Next Time, and Hey, It’s Me.

Dunning Kruger was bizarre. I honest feel like I can’t do it justice and using bizarre as a descriptor is the closest I can come to even beginning to describe it. It also has the vibe of a really weird Tim & Eric sketch, which I feel is a lacking descriptor as well.

Denervation is fairly surreal and dystopian. It is wholly done in CG animation and it looks lifelike with parts that you can just barely tell that there aren’t humans walking around. I hope that this gets a more wide release so that more people can see it.

Hey, It’s Me was interesting. It deals with time travel of sorts. Maybe a more apt description would be time communication. The future tech is subtle and interesting. It has interesting things to say and goes about them in ways that make sense for the characters.

I only highlighted three but all of them are worth watching on their own merits like Odyssey and the beautiful story and visuals. All of the shorts are mind bendy and interesting.


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