CFF Salutes Your Shorts – 2021 Edition

This was a block of 8 short film. The films were Wrightwood, Writer’s Block, The Grave of Saint Oran, Game Brunch, Green Cobra, Time Again, Teardrop, and The Dangerous Type. I enjoyed all of the shorts in their own ways but I will highlight a few that really stuck out to me.

The Grave of Saint Oran was amazing. The animated short had such an interesting style in both animation style and design. It also helps when you have Neil Gaiman’s fantastic narration over the entire thing.

Game Brunch continues the interesting take on Werewolves that I’ve been seeing over the entire fest. I love how quirky and weird everything is about this film. Just watch it if you have the chance.

Green Cobra was pretty funny. Colleen Foy as the titular character is both incredibly funny and terrifying in tandem.

The Dangerous Type is the last short that I’ll highlight of the block. There is a dreamlike quality to this short. It works so well, It had me thinking of movies from the 70s that had that quality. I do want to point out Garrett Dillahunt being in this short. He was the only actor that I recognized completely in it.

I just want to say again that you should watch all of the shorts in this block

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