Secret Screening #2 (CFF)

I was excited to check this out even before I knew what I was going to be watching. I’m having the same kind of feeling about these Secret Screenings as I have had before each episode of The Last Drive In on Friday nights. I was also able to catch the presentation of Amanda Reyes called The Night That Panicked America: A Brief History of the Golden Age of the made for TV genre Movie and if you’re able to hear her talk make sure you do. She’s so incredibly knowledgeable and a joy to listen to.

The movie was 5 Desperate Women and it was preceded by an introduction by Amanda Reyes. Much like the presentation that I saw before the movie it piqued my interest. It was described as a proto-slasher which I can completely understand. I can feel the roots of the slasher genre throughout the movie.

Both of the male characters do a wonderful job at being unnerving. Robert Conrad and Bradford Dillman play their parts will an expertise that can sometimes be lacking in movies with similar roles. The titular five women are fantastic. Joy played by Denise Nicholas is the most proactive member of the friends and feels pressure from the rest of the group weighs on her heavily. Julie Sommars played Mary Grace Brown and she is the lead of a sorts. You follow her from the beginning and spend the most time with her.

I do have to give a warning that a dog is killed so be wary of that. Aside from that I would say that much like Amanda Reyes’s presentation, which she has warned about spoilers for this movie, you should watch this if you have the chance because it is a time capsule of the genre in many ways.

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