Bloodbaths &Beyond – CFF 2021 Horror Shorts

There are 19 films and shorts in this playlist: Meat Lovers, Watcher, Snowblind, The Thing that ate the Birds, Face, Golem, Cutter, The Three Men you meet at Night, Don’t Go Outside, Weirdo, Bloodshed, Stuck, Sins of a Werewolf, Poor Glenna, Bed, The Lovers, Pieces of Me, Koreatown Ghost Story, and No One is Coming. I’m going to go into detail with a few but I want to say that if you have a chance you should see all of them.

Snowblind is a hell of a watch. I can’t really put into words everything that makes this movie such an entertaining watch. At least one of the people in the titular band is in an actual metal band, Brent Hinds from Mastodon. There’s even a reference to the movie Hack-o-lantern when the cassette tape of the soundtrack is shown. There are plenty of practical effects at the end and they are something else.

Stuck is really funny. I was laughing as soon as the creep was stuck in the mat. As he took more damage I switched between laughing and wincing. I recommend this if you enjoy seeing a creep get what he had coming.

Sins of a Werewolf was something else. I’ve never seen a werewolf movie where a penis is bitten off and a fetus is coughed up. A priest as a werewolf isn’t something I’ve seen all that much. The interesting new take on lycanthropy is fresh and new.

Koreatown Ghost Story was a trip. I haven’t really seen Margret Cho in all that many things but holy hot damn is she not only creepy but also unsettling. She could anchor a movie as the antagonist of a movie. The lead is also a hell of an actor and they both deserve more roles that are similar.

These are just four of the movies and even though I might have given away too much for Sins of a Werewolf and gave a terrible explanation of why you should watch Snowblind but you should definitely watch everything on the list.

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