The Old Ways

I just finished this movie and I had to sit and write about it. I’m afraid to say too much because it all works so well together that I feel like if I say the wrong thing and I’ll give something away. In the few movies that I’ve watched from the Chattanooga Film Fest so far this is the one that’s absolutely blown me away.

The story follows a reporter of Mexican descent as she goes back to where she’s from to cover something, she’s never completely clear on what exactly she’s there for. She is brought to a Bruja while she’s unconscious and goes through the process of exorcisms.

The effects throughout the movie are amazing. Whether it be practical effects or computer generated they are absolutely astounding. There is a scene in which the practical effects made me slightly uneasy through how they were done.

Brigitte Kali Canales is a standout and if she isn’t given more major roles after this I don’t know what to say. She plays off of all of the actors that she shares screen time with so well that she anchors the entire film. I was surprised as hell to see AJ Bowen, but that happens whenever I see people I recognize.

I cannot recommend this movie enough and look forward to seeing this more as well as owning it physically.

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